MLE World Series of Competitive Eating at the North Dakota State Fair

Date: 07/29/2006
Location: Minot, ND
Winner: Pat Bertoletti, Rhubarb Pie
Total Prizes: $3000

State Bird: Western Meadowlark
State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose
State Tree: American Elm
Nicknames: Peace Garden State/Flickertail State/Roughrider State
Favorite Food: RHUBARB PIE

The North Dakota State Fair played host to eaters from all over the country on July 29, when sponsored the first-ever IFOCE Rhubarb Pie-eating contest. Many people outside of the region find rhubarb to be unknown and quite mysterious, which could have given the advantage to the local competitors.

However, Pat Bertoletti once again proved himself master of pies by eating 7.9 lbs of strawberry rhubarb pie in 8 minutes. He was followed by Donavon Busta and Doug Plesuk, who tied for second, and Mike Crouse who took home 3rd.