MLE World Horseshoe Eating Championship

Date: 08/12/2006
Location: Springfield, IL
Winner: Joey Chestnut, Horseshoe Sandwiches
Total Prizes: $4000

The World Horseshoe Eating Championship was a 10-minute competition and at the Illinois State Fair on August 12, 2006.

Just as horseshoes mounted on a door signal good luck, Illinois
horseshoes - two pieces of toast topped with ham, French fries and
cheese sauce - signal good eating. While social eaters throughout the
Midwest have revered horseshoes for their nutritional content, this regional treat had yet to be eaten in competition.

Full results:

1) Joey Chestnut- 6lbs. 5ozs.
2) Tim Janus- 5lbs. 9ozs.
3) Tim Brown- 3lbs. 12ozs.
4) Frank Wach- 3lbs. 9ozs.
5) 3 way tie- 2lbs. 13ozs.
Loren Yarbrough
Jim Hamrick
Kevin Carr
6) Domenico Alesi- 2lbs. 8ozs.
7) Bill Roth- 1lb. 13ozs.
8) Bob Hudgins- 1lb.8ozs.
9) James Davis- 1lb.7ozs.