Jalapeno Eating Championship at the State Fair of Texas

Date: 10/08/2006
Location: Dallas, TX
Winner: Rich LeFevre, Jalapeno Peppers
Total Prizes: $4000

Ever since Pat Bertoletti's astounding feat in the jalapeno discipline in August (177 pickled peppers in 15 minutes), there has been a renewed interest in the human body's ability to cope with spice.

"Astounding feat" doesn't have quite the same meaning anymore. Rich LeFevre did the unthinkable when he ate 247 pickled jalapenos in 8 minutes to beat Sonya Thomas and Pat Bertoletti at the State Fair of Texas on October 8. This is LeFevre's most important win in years--maybe ever. We will be watching intently at the Krystal Finals on October 28 to see if this streak of renewed strength of jaw and stomach will continue.