3rd Annual Tropicana World Meatball Eating Championship

Date: 12/02/2006
Location: Atlantic City, NJ
Winner: Humble Bob Shoudt, Carmine's Meatballs
Total Prizes: $5000

All eyes were on the Tropicana in Atlantic City this weekend when the nationís finest gurgitators clashed at the 3rd Annual Tropicana World Meatball Eating Championship. The contest was held in The Quarter, just outside of Carmineís Restaurant.

Humble Bob Shoudt gained a very impressive win for himself, beating both Sonya Thomas and Joey Chestnut, but the win may have been slightly bittersweet.

Sonya and Joey both received a one-ounce deduction from George Shea after leaving a large amount of debris on the table and floor. This ruling was met with much controversy, but all meatball shrapnel was to be picked up and returned to the plate for weighing. Veteran gurgitator Eric Badlands Booker was also on hand to lend his expertise, and supported the deduction. Prior to the ruling, and according to the scales, Sonya had beaten Bob by a mere 10th of an ounce. When the order was announced, Thomas refused to shake Humble Bob's hand.

Another big story was the professional debut of Juliet Lee, who competed in and won the Three Brothers Pizza amateur competition in August. Juliet managed to place 7th in the meatball contest behind Tim Janus, and beat top-ranked eaters like Seaver Miller, Crazy Legs Conti, and Allen the Shredder Goldstein.

Full Results:
Bob Shoudt 9.97 lbs, $2500
Sonya Thomas 9.91 lbs, $1000
Joey Chestnut 9.35 lbs, $750
Chip Simpson 9.23 lbs, $500
Rich LeFevre 9.03 lbs, $250
Tim Janus 8.93 lbs
Juliet Lee 5.53 lbs
Allen Goldstein 4.96 lbs
Seaver Miller 4.75 lbs
Pat Philbin 4.73 lbs
Crazy Legs Conti 4.71 lbs
Bill Myers 3.83 lbs
Larry McNeil 3.77 lbs
Kevin Lipsitz 3.34 lbs
Pete Davekos 3.32 lbs
Brian Seiken 2.73 lbs
John Bulin 2 lbs