Wienerschnitzel World Chili Cheese Fries Eating Championship at the Queen Mary

Date: 02/17/2007
Location: Long Beach, CA
Winner: , Wienerschnitzel Chili Cheese Fries
Total Prizes: $10,000

Takeru Kobayashi, in L.A. to shoot a commercial, watched as Joey Chestnut continued his undefeated streak at the Weinerschnitzel World Chili Cheese Fry Eating contest today in Long Beach, California. A total purse of $10,000 was split among the top finishers.

Joey ate 5.44 pounds of chili cheese fries for the first place slot. Eater X came in a close second with 5.31 lbs, and Sonya Thomas placed third with 5.29.

Humble Bob, or Mr. Humble, or just Humble, came in fourth with 4.98. Juliet Lee took fifth, followed by Jed Donahue, Rich LeFevre and Justin Mih.

Sources say Gabe Kaplan was in the audience cheering loudly for Juliet Lee. Kaplan, a Brooklyn native, played Gabe Kotter in Welcome Back Kotter, a popular sit com from the last century. Kotter taught a fictional group of unruly Brooklyn PS students known as the "Sweathogs." Kaplan is now a noted poker player who has earned in excess of $970,000 in professional games. The reports of Kaplan's presence are not confirmed.

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