Rockvale Outlets World's Greatest Shoo-Fly Pie Bake Off & Eating Contest

Date: 06/23/2007
Location: Lancaster, PA
Winner: Pat Bertoletti, Shoo-Fly Pie
Total Prizes: $10,000

Shoo-Fly Pie Day in Lancaster, Pa is as recognizable as 4th of July in Coney Island, and this year's contest proved to be bigger and better than ever.

The coveted Heavyweight Champion Shoo-Fly Pie Belt went to young Patrick Bertoletti of Chicago. This mohawk-sporting phenomenon missed his graduation from culinary school to participate in the contest, and it proved to be a lucrative decision. Sonya Thomas came in 2nd, followed closely by Humble Bob Shoudt. The purse of $10,000 was doled out to the top seven eaters.

Full Results:
Pat Bertoletti: 11.1 lbs/8 min./$4000
Sonya Thomas: 9.3 lbs/8 min./$2000
Bob Shoudt: 9.25 lbs/8 min./$1500
Hall Hunt: 6.74 lbs/8 min./$1000
Juliet Lee: 6.66 lbs/8 min./$750
Brad Sciullo: 6.18 lbs/8 min./$500
Pat Bruss: 5.53 lbs/8 min./$250

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