Mattituck Lions Club World Strawberry Shortcake Eating Championship

Date: 06/17/2007
Location: Mattituck, NY
Winner: Pat Bertoletti, Strawberry Shortcake
Total Prizes: $1500

Americaís leading Major League Eaters gathered at the 53rd Annual Mattituck Lions Strawberry Festival on Fatherís Day, June 17th, for the World Strawberry Shortcake Eating Championship. Pat Bertoletti, a sweet specialist out of Chicago, took home the title and a new world record of 15.25 lbs of strawberry shortcake in eight minutes. Tim "Eater X" Janus was close in 2nd with 13.5 lbs, followed by his friend and roommate, Crazy Legs Conti, who ate 9.25 lbs for third.

Chris "The Mad Greek" Abatsas is back in the game after a long hiatus after the Krystal Circuit last year. He placed fourth with a solid 8 lbs.

Pat Bertoletti 15.25 lbs
Tim Janus 13.5 lbs
Crazy Legs Conti 9.25 lbs
Chris Abatsas 8 lbs
Brian Seiken 5.5 lbs
Jim McCreevey 4.5 lbs
Wild Bill Myers 4.5 lbs
Pete Miernicki 4.5 lbs
Peter Janus 3.5 lbs

"Each year the Strawberry Festival gets bigger and bigger," said Ray Gramazio, of the Mattituck Lions Club. "This year we expect over 30,000 visitors, including a capacity crowd assembling to witness the incredible capacity of these Major League Eaters."

The Strawberry Festival began in April of 1954, after three charter members of the Mattituck Lions Club traveled to the Plant City Strawberry Festival in Florida, and brought the idea back with them to Long Island. Since then, it has blossomed into a weekend-long festival filled with fireworks displays, rides, games, crafts, international foods, live music, and the coronation of the Strawberry Festival queen.

"If thereís one thing everyone agrees on, itís that fathers love the light summertime taste of strawberry shortcake," said Richard Shea of MLE. "For years, however, people have debated just how much strawberry shortcake one person can eat. I am pleased that we will finally have an answer to that question on June 17th."

This yearís festival will take place from June 15th-17th. Each evening will feature live music by The Mulligans, The Southbound, and Who R Those Guys. Sponsors include North Fork Bank, Century 21, Agawam-Albertson Real Estate, Lucas Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, Newsday, North Fork Self Storage, Re-Max, and WHS Materials.

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