Three Brothers Pizza World Pizza Eating Championship

Date: 08/18/2007
Location: Greenbelt, MD
Winner: Pat Bertoletti, 3 Brothers Pizza
Total Prizes: $4000

On August 18th, 2007, the competitive eating community and the world looked to Greenbelt, MD for the second-annual Three Brothers Pizza World Pizza Eating Championship.

Pat Bertoletti consumed 22 slices of Three Brothers pizza for the win, and right behind him was Sonya Thomas with 20 slices. In third place was Tim Janus with 18, and in fourth was Chip Simpson with 17.5 slices. Bob Shoudt rounded out the top five with 17 slices of the delicious cheese pizza.

1st Place: Pat Bertoletti, 22 slices
2nd Place: Sonya Thomas, 20 slices
3rd Place: Tim Janus, 18 slices
4th Place: Chip Simpson, 17.5 slices
5th Place: Bob Shoudt, 17 slices
6th Place: Pat Philbin, 12 slices
7th Place: Juliet Lee, 11 slices
7th Place: Allen Goldstein, 11 slices
7th Place: Russ Keeler, 11 slices
7th Place: Brad Sciullo, 11 slices
11th Place: Micah Collins, 10 slices
12th Place: Bill Myers, 8 slices
12th Place: Brian Subich, 8 slices
12th Place: Larry McNeil, 8 slices
15th Place: Brian Seiken, 7 slices
16th Place: Pete Miernicki, 6 slices

The "no dunking" rule was in effect, along with a rule that stated that an eater can not graduate to the next pie without finishing all of the crusts. 1/4 slice was deducted for each crust not eaten at the end of the 10 minutes.

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