La Costena "Feel the Heat" Jalapeno Eating Challenge

Date: 09/14/2008
Location: Chicago, IL
Winner: Pat Bertoletti, La Costena Jalapenos
Total Prizes: $5000

The La Costena "Feel the Heat" Jalapeno Eating Challenge will return to Chicago on September 14 and will feature some of the world's greatest capsaicin consumption connoisseurs, including Chicago's own Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti. The mohawked chef from the Windy City took the title in 2007 with 191 peppers in 6.5 minutes. The gurgitators ate so many delicious La Costena peppers last year, that the contest had to be called long before the 10-minute mark due to lack of back-up jalapenos. This year, Major League Eaters will face a bounty of peppers the likes of which has never been seen.

Registration for this event is now open.

To learn more about La Costena, click here.