Isle Black Hawk Rocky Mountain Oyster Eating World Championship

Date: 08/28/2010
Location: Black Hawk, CO
Winner: Pat Bertoletti, Rocky Mountain Oysters
Total Prizes: $5,000 total cash purse

The shirt backs read "Yes, they are. And yes, we eat them." A fitting summation of the Rocky Mountain Oyster Eating World Championship at the Isle and Lady Luck Casinos in Black Hawk, CO. The contest featured a star-studded field of Major League Eaters including five of the top-10 eaters in the world.

Black Hawk is a beautiful town carved in between mountains and sits 10,000 ft above sea level. Many wondered how the high altitude would affect the eaters. The world found out once the competition began as the contenders got off to a blazing fast start, only to wilt about 6 minutes in.

Pat Bertoletti held a large lead for much of the contest, but in the final 90 seconds, Eater X, Notorious B.O.B., Juliet Lee and Gravy Brown all closed to the gap. After the 10 minutes, it was simply too close to call as each of the top five finishers had eaten more than three plates each.

The scales were brought out and in one of the closest finishes in Major League Eating history, Deep Dish Bertoletti saw his hand raised beating Eater X by just half an ounce (3 lbs 11.75 oz) and Shoudt by less than two ounces. Bertoletti banked $1,500 for the win to go along with his 28th world.

1-Pat Bertoletti - 3 lbs 11.75 oz Rocky Mountain Oysters in 10-minutes - $1,500
2-Tim Janus - 3 lbs 11.5 oz - $1,250
3-Bob Shoudt - 3 lbs 10 oz - $1,000
4-Juliet Lee - 3 lbs 8 oz - $750
5-Gravy Brown - 3 lbs 4 oz - $500
6-Adrian Morgan - 2 lbs 14 oz
7-Marco Marquez - 2 lbs 12 oz
T8-Nathan Biller - 2 lbs 4 oz
T8-Bryan Beard - 2 lbs 4 oz
10-Mark Sutherberg - 1 lbs 13 oz
T11-Donavon Busta - 1 lbs 4 oz
T11-Leroy Lucero - 1 lbs 4 oz
T13-Sean Brockert - 1 lb
T13-Dale Kaye - 1 lb
15-Joe Nguyen - 12 oz

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