Day-Lee/Nisei Week Gyoza Eating Championship

Date: 08/20/2011
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Winner: Pat Bertoletti, Gyoza
Total Prizes: $5,000 total cash purse

Bertoletti eats 264 Gyoza to Shatter Chestnut's Record

Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti added to his legendary, and lengthy, list of competitive eating world records at this year's Nisei Week Festival after eating 264 Day-Lee Foods Gyoza to win the 2011 Gyoza-Eating World Championship and set a new world record. #1-ranked Joey Chestnut, who was out of the country eating for the troops on a tour with NAVY Entertainment, held the previous record of 231 in 10 minutes.

Rising star Matt "megatoad" Stonie continued to make heads turn with another impressive finish -- this time coming in second place (213 gyoza) ahead of #5-ranked Sonya Thomas (209 gyoza) and #4-ranked Bob Shoudt (202 gyoza). Earning the final pay day finish was Stephanie Torres (172 gyoza) who beat notables Erik Denmark, Gravy Brown, Damon Wells, Michelle Lesco and Yasir Salem.

This year's contest set-up what could make for a can't-miss unification bout in 2012 if Joey and Pat can both find themselves squaring off at the Day-Lee Foods Gyoza table at L.A. Nisei Week!

1st - Pat Bertoletti - 264 Day-Lee Foods Gyoza in 10 minutes ($2,000 & new world record)
2nd - Matt Stonie - 213 ($1,200)
3rd - Sony Thomas - 209 ($800)
4th - Bob Shoudt - 202 ($600)
5th - Stephanie Torres - 172 ($400)
6th - Gravy Brown
7th - Damon Wells
8th - Erik Denmark
9th - Michelle Lesco
10th - Yasir Salem
11th - Naoyuki Kamiya-62 (top Amateur)
12th - Koji Horii - 61
13th - Jason Ferguson - 50
14th - Chikara Omine - 47
15th - Kieren Elliot - 36
16th - Scott - 32
17th - Mika Santoh - 12
18th - Mike Dietz - DQ
8th -

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