U.S. National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship

Date: 09/04/2011
Location: Buffalo, NY
Winner: Sonya Thomas, Buffalo Wings
Total Prizes: $2,550 total cash purse

Sonya "the Black Widow" Thomas proved once again why she is the greatest wing eater in the world when she beat #1-ranked Joey Chestnut for the second straight year on her way to winning her fifth consecqutive U.S. Buffalo Wing Eating Championship.

The event, which headlines the Drew Cerza's National Buffalo Wing Festival, saw The Black Widow edging Chestnut by a third of a pound 6.43 lbs (183 wings) to 6.13 lbs across the 12-minute championship.

What makes the feat even more impressive was the fact that Sonya competed in the Buffalo Buffet Bowl just a day prior while Joey watched his competition as a casual fan.

Thomas won $1,500 for the win with Chestnut picking up $750. On Labor Day Weekend though, the honor and prestige of being crowned the U.S. Buffalo Wing Eating Champion is what's truly at stake.

1-Sonya Thomas - 6.43 lbs buffalo wings in 12 minutes ($1,500)
2-Joey Chestnut - 6.13 lbs ($750)
3-Pat Bertoletti - 4.61 lbs ($300
4-Badlands Booker - 4.45 lbs
5-Aaron Osthoff-4.17 lbs
6-Juliet Lee - 3.89 lbs
T7-Jim Reeves - 3.02 lbs
T7-Brian Subich - 3.02 lbs
9-Brian Seiken - 2.5 lbs
10-Bill Myers - 2.25 lbs
11-Mike Landrich - 2.03 lbs
12-Joel Stephany (Amateur Champ) - 2.01 lbs
13-Jeremy White - .85 lbs

The National Buffalo Wing Festival took place on Labor Day Weekend (Sept 3-4) at Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo, NY. Part of the proceeds for the festival go to benefit Western New York charities, raising more than $125,000 over the festival's history.

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