Taco Bell Why Pay More Soft Taco Challenge

Date: 07/29/2011
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Winner: Joey Chestnut, Tacos
Total Prizes: $5,000 total cash purse

With six Major League Eaters at the table, the Taco Bell Why Pay More! Challenge was held on Friday, July 29th in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The world's top eater Joey Chestnut added another bullet point to his legendary resume after eating 53 soft tacos in 10 minutes for the title.

For every taco eaten by the winner, Taco Bell donated $100 to the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico. With his mark of 53 tacos, a new record was established and Taco Bell rounded the final donation to $6,000. Tying for second place was Eater X and rookie sensation Matt 'megatoad' Stonie, each consuming 48 tacos. Badlands Booker (34 tacos) and Pete 'Pretty Boy' Davekos (31 tacos) rounded out the money winners earning $500 and $250, respectively.

This event was inspired by the Why Pay More! Menu to demonstrate how inexpensive eating at Taco Bell can be, with delicious products from 79, 89 and 99 cents.

Alex Aquino won the local competition after being the person to eat 10 soft tacos from Taco Bellís Why Pay More menu in the least amount of time.

Taco Bell is the leader in Mexican fast food segment in Puerto Rico and has distinguished itself for always innovating and for the quality of its products. It is operated in Puerto Rico by Encanto Restaurants,Inc., the third largest employer on the island.

Prize Winners
1-Joey Chestnut, 53 Taco Bell Soft Tacos in 10 minutes - $2,500
T2-Eater X Tim Janus, 48 - $875
T2-Matt Stonie, 48 - $750
4-Badlands Booker, 34 - $500
5-Pete Davekos, 31 - $250

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