The Taste of DC World Chili Eating Championship presented by Ben's Chili Bowl

Date: 10/09/2011
Location: Washington, DC
Winner: Joey Chestnut, Chili
Total Prizes: $3,000 total cash purse

Chili made a triumphant return to the Major League Eating circuit when the world's greatest eaters invaded our nation's capital on Columbus Day weekend to compete in The Taste of DC World Chili Eating Championship presented by Ben's Chili Bowl. Joey Chestnut took home the title by setting a new world record of 2 gallons of chili in 6 minutes.

The inaugural event featured two days of contests: an amateur championship on Saturday, October 8th and the World Championship on Sunday. A $3,000 cash purse was put up by the Taste of DC and Ben's Chili Bowl; Chestnut won $1,250 for his world record efforts.

In second place with 1.5 gallons each were #3-ranked Eater X and #4-ranked Bob "Notorious BOB" Shoudt. Hometown favorite Sonya "the Black Widow" Thomas ate 1.25 gallons to take fourth place.

The contest tested both the capacity of the eaters as well as the hand-to-mouth dexterity as spoons were required for all competitors. In the end, the world's greatest eater proved once again why he's the one to beat whenever he steps up to the MLE table.

Ben's Chili Bowl, a landmark restaurant in Washington DC, served up its chili for the contests.

1-Joey Chestnut, 2 gallons Ben's Chili Bowl Chili with a spoon in 6 minutes ($1,250)
T2-Tim Janus, 1.5 gallons ($750)
T2-Bob Shoudt, 1.5 gallons ($750)
4-Sonya Thomas, 1.25 gallons ($250)
5-Juliet Lee, 1 gallon
6-Micah Collins, .81 gallons
7-Brian Dudzinski, .75 gallons
8-Bill Myers, .69 gallons
T9-Brian Subich, .56 gallons
T9-Maria Edible, .56 gallons
T9-Brian Seiken, .56 gallons
T12-Crazy Legs Conti, .5 gallons
T12-Tim Connolly, .5 gallons
14-Andrew Kossuth, .37 gallons

About The Taste of DC
Taste of DC is the regionís largest and most anticipated food, wine, beer, and cultural festival. Open to the public during Columbus Day Weekend,Taste of DC is held in Washington, DC on historic Pennsylvania Avenue. This year, attractions will serve up over 60 of the areaís best eateries, wine and beer pavilions, musical acts, and a family-friendly zone.

Taste of DC attracts the finest chefs, restaurants, and winemakers to Washington, DC for tastings, demos, and seminars.

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