The World Slugburger Eating Championship Presented by Main Street Corinth

Date: 07/13/2013
Location: Corinth, MS
Winner: Matt "The Megatoad" Stonie, Slugburgers
Total Prizes: $3,000 total cash purse


Major League Eating returns to Main St Corinth, MS, for the second-ever World Slugburger Eating Championship! Last year's event was the site of the first-ever Championship win by Matthew "The Megatoad" Stonie. And his 30-slugburger haul in 10 minutes forever etched this event into the hearts and minds of Major League Eating contestants, officials and fans everywhere.

The uninitiated among you may be asking, "Wait, what's a slugburger and why are these people eating slugs anyway?" In downtown Corinth, MS—the spiritual home of the slugburger—you’ll find many opinions and explanations. First up, the slugburger is not made from the terrestrial gastropod mollusk of the same name. A slugburger is a burger made of a mixture of beef and some form of breading extender which is then deep-fried to a golden brown. In earlier days, cornmeal was commonly used as an extender in slugburgers and animal fat was used for frying. In modern times, soybean meal has become the ingredient of choice which adds some protein value to the creation and vegetable oil is commonly used for frying. The standard garnish for a slugburger is mustard, pickle and an ample dose of onions.

Do you dare challenge the Corinth, MS, slugburger in sanctioned competition? Do you dare to eat against the world's very best? Do you dare to give your all for a share of the $3,000 prize purse? Or do you just want to come and watch and take in The World Slugburger Eating Championship presented by Main Street Corinth in all its glory? Come, compete! Come, cheer! At the table or in the crowd, don’t you ever miss it!

This contest will take place at 4.30pm Central, on Saturday, July 13, 2013 in Historic Downtown Corinth at the Corinth Depot, 221 North Fillmore St., Corinth, MS.

1st - $1,500
2nd - $750
3rd - $500
4th - $250

Please note: This contest is restricted to participants aged 18 and over.

About The Main Street Corinth Slugburger Festival!
The 26th annual Main Street Corinth Slugburger Festival promises to be better than ever! With the return of Major League of Eating on Saturday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., plus three great nights of live entertainment to celebrate the burger that we all love, this is one event not to be missed! Slugburgers, served with mustard, pickle, and onion, are a delicacy around Corinth and locals love to share one with anyone willing to try one!

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