The Pork Slider Eating Contest at Wind Creek’s THROW DOWN

Date: 03/28/2014
Location: Atmore, AL
Winner: Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, Pulled Pork Sliders
Total Prizes: $5,000 total cash purse


Pure. Power.

That is how sportswriters described the Great One's performance in The Pork Slider Eating Contest at Wind Creek’s THROW DOWN. Joey "Jaws" Chestnut ate 62 pork sliders in 10 minutes to set a new WR. The previous record was 61, and was held by Tim "Eater X" Janus. At the conclusion of contest, Eater X glanced to his left, looked at Joey's plates and knew that his record was now another's. He simply said to Joey, in his polite Connecticut tongue, "You got it."

Joey did. Call it a textbook performance of power eating. It was not pretty. Joey bullied each and every slider, calling them names and demanding their subservience to his teeth, jaw and belly. They acquiesced without a word.

Matt Stonie finished second. Eater X finished third. The Rabbit Morgan came fourth. The ladies, Ms Sudo and Ms Lesco, came fifth and sixth, respectively.

After spending a suitable amount of time in the new games arcade* at the Wind Creek Hotel & Casino after the event, all eaters retired to their accommodations in preparation for for the following day's event on the same stage—The Creek Indian Taco Eating Contest at Wind Creek’s THROW DOWN.

* Seriously, the place is totally awesome. Giant Connect Four. Deal Or No Deal. Basketball. Football. Air hockey. Electronic jump rope. Big Buck Hunter. You could live there.

1st Joey Chestnut, 62 pork sliders ($2,500)
2nd Matthew Stonie, 55, ($1,200)
3rd Tim "Eater X" Janus, 41 ($650)
4th Adrian Morgan, 32 ($350)
5th Miki Sudo, 28.5, ($200)
6th Michelle Lesco, 26.5 ($100)
7th Jason Cook, 16.5
8th Matthew Raible, 13
9th Steve "Pi Guy" Martin, 11.5
10th Dee "Mrs Pi Ma'am" Martin, 11
11th Colton Bradford from @95ksj Radio, 5

This contest* took place at 7pm Central on Friday March 28, 2014 at THROW DOWN at the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Amphitheater Main Stage in Atmore, AL

ABOUT THROWN DOWN AT WIND CREEK Just a short drive from Alabama’s Gulf Coast, THROW DOWN at Wind Creek is all about bands, BBQ, beer and bourbon! See live performances from Gretchen Wilson, Maggie Rose, Holli Mosley, Colt Ford and more.

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