Boone Repeats, Chestnut and LaRue Surprise

Dale Boone won the Broadway at the Beach Ultimate Eating Competition for the second year in a row, shaking off local muscle-mouth Don Schaefer in the four round elimination event in Myrtle Beach this past Saturday, April 23rd.

Further west on the same day a shocking (and controversial) upset occurred in the World Deep Fried Asparagus Eating Championship at the Asparagus Festival in Stockton, CA.

Rich LeFevre, the top-ranked male gurgitator in America fell to impressive newcomer Joey Chestnut in a one-on-one "tie-breaker." A surprised crowd questioned the judge's call that forced the event into overtime (some said one of LeFevre's plates went uncounted), but LeFevre refused to speculate on the judge's call. He gracefully congratulated Chestnut on his win and kissed his wife, Carlene, who also competed in the difficult event.

"It was a bad call," said Bob Gilman an eating fan from Sacramento. "Reminiscent of the Villanova / UNC game this past March. Tough break for Nova, tough break for LeFevre. Chestnut is great, but human error sometimes shows itself in the officiating of big league sports."

On Sunday in West Palm another major upset occurred -- albeit without controversy. Jammin' Joe LaRue ate 31 ears of sweet corn in 12 minutes to beat Ed Jarvis, who had consumed 29 ears. Jarvis, world record holder with 33 1/2 ears in 12 minutes, had taken the red eye from the Stockton asparagus event to defend his corn crown, but fell to a surging LaRue.

The battle was neck and neck throughout, with LaRue and Jarvis trading the lead. But Cookie slowed slightly in the final 90 seconds, enabling LaRue to achieve a 1 1/2 ear margin of victory.