Baked Bean Blowout with a Haggis Under Card

MLE Sanctioned two record attempts on Philadelphia's WMMR (the station that reaches the beaches and rocks the shore) early this morning. The attempts were made by the Drexel Hill duo of Steakbellie and Wing Kong, two very likeable guys who exhibit an alarming reluctance to grow old.

Kicking off the afair was Steakbellie. Fully clad in kilt and an Eagles branded sporran, the noted daddy blogger dove shamelessly into what's reported to have been some rather pungent haggis. After the eight allotted minutes of eating time, Steakbellie had consumed 3 pounds.

Next came Wing Kong who was dressed more for a visit to WaWa then any tribal affair. When it was his turn, Kong put down the Tastie Cake he was nibbling and dove into 84 ounces of baked beans, which he consumed in just 58 seconds to blow away the old record.

History was made in Philadelphia, the former home of Nicky Scarfo, Jr., and a city now rooting for it's beloved Phillies who are in the NLCS for the first time since 1993.