Stonie Sets World Æbleskiver Record!

Elk Horn, IA Matt Stonie ate 87 Æbleskiver in eight minutes at the First Annual Tivoli Fest World Æbleskiver Eating Championship to set a World Record in this new discipline. For those with a below-par appreciation for the many delights of Danish cuisine, the æbleskiver is best described as a round puff pancake. The name translates to "apple slices," of course, but apple is but rarely used in modern examples of this fine dessert snack. The æbleskiver is delicious, or lækker, if you prefer.

Stonie was his true Stonie self throughout the contest—fast out of the gates and able to use his considerable swallowing skills and throat strength to separate himself from the competition. Not that the great Gideon Oji would take second place lying down. Oji used his enormous mitts to bring the æbleskivers to heel in a second, pausing to bite, swallow and repeat. His 73 æbleskivers in eight minutes impressed. Adrian Morgan was good for 53 and third place.

The First Annual Tivoli Fest World Æbleskiver Eating Championship stands as a credit to the men and women and children of Elk Horn, IA. The town is the epicenter of Danish-American culture and custom. One leaves Elk Horn south on Iowa road 173 headed to I80 for Omaha to the west or Des Moines to the east—back to the hustle and bustle of contemporary life—full of the warmth, pride and graciousness of Elk Horn's great citizens. It is a feeling that stays.

1 Matt Stonie 87 Æbleskivers in 8 minutes. New WR
2 Gideon Oji 73
3 Adrian Morgan 53
4 Juan Rodriguez 45
5 Sophia Devita 32
6 Mark Williams 26
7 Matthew Raible 24
8 Dustin The Great 7

Stonie ate 87 Æbleskiver in eight minutes for the win