Esper Claims First World Eating Record!

Fairmont, WV Major League Eating is proud to announce the date, place and time of Geoffrey Esper's first MLE world record-setting performance. The man from Oxford, MA, ate 36 Pepperoni Rolls at Palatine Park in downtown Fairmont, WV, on Saturday May 27th, 2017, in the evening lightŚcall 8.43pm Eastern time. Those who were there to witness it will not forget it quickly. It was a performance for the ages, as Esper displayed complete and supreme mastery of the food in question. It will not be his first world record-setting performance in MLE competition. You can quote me on that. Esper is elite. No oneŚand I mean no oneŚwill take him lightly from this night on. If they ever did previously, they are fools.

Esper's mark of 36 Pepperoni Rolls bested the previous record of 34, set by Matthew Stonie in 2015. Those of you who know a thing or two about this competitive eating caper will know that Stonie used that record-setting win to drive a campaign that ended with him claiming the Nathan's Famous title that year. Which is not to say that Esper is a lock for the Nathan's title this year, it's just worth noting that success in Fairmont, WV, travels is all.

Hat tip too to Miki Sudo, with 30.5 Pepperoni Rolls in 10 minutes. That mark would have been good for the win 12 months ago. She is in impressive form as we enter the dense part of our season, a passage of time where men and women are tested and reputations count for nought. Sudo appears rested, relaxed and ready to extend her legacy.

And let's not forget the impressive Pepperoni Roll debut of new MLE member Darron Breeden. He ate 26 Pepperoni Rolls in 10 minutes to best some MLE legends in this event. He will be closely watched from here on out, no doubt.

Full results below.

1. Geoffrey Esper 36 Pepperoni Rollin 10 min, New WR!
2. Miki Sudo 30.5
3. Darron Breeden 26
4. Dud Lite 20.5
5. Juliet Lee 20
6. Derek Jacobs 13
7. Wild Bill Myers 9.5
8. Michael Deitz 600 8
9. Jeff Chapman 7
10. Brett Shepherd 3.75
11. Alicia Hill 3.5

Geoffrey Esper ate 36 Pepperoni Rolls in 10 Min for new WR